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Horex VR6-Lifter

Horex VR6-Lifter


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Weight: 6.8 kg

Well thought-out motorcycle stand for Horex VR6

Ideal for maintenance, repairs and wintering


the lifter is attached with its pins to the holes on the frame of the Horex VR6 on both sides.

The lifter is secured by tightening the clamping screw. No tools are required.

Before attaching the Horex-Lifter, it must be checked whether the mounting hole on the right is free (readjust the brake lever if necessary)

4 polyamide rollers make it easy to jack up the Horex VR6

Jacking up is carried out using the removable 500 mm long jacking lever

The Horex lifter is galvanized and assembled ready for use

For easy maneuvering of the Horex VR6 the Rangier-Adapter-Set can also be used

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