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BMW R1200S Lifter

BMW R1200S Lifter


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Weight: 6.0 kg

Can be ordered, but only available from November 15th, 2023!

Practical Motorbike stand for BMW R1200S

Easy repairs and maintenance, protects tyres, saves you money

Ideal for Winter Storage



-The Lifter attaches with its pick up shafts on the lugs on the engine base. Tightening the wing bolts secures the lifter in place.
No tools recuired.

-4 nylon wheels enable an easy lifting of the R1200S.

-The lifting process is done using the 500mm long lever, which can be attached and detatched on either side and can be placed in different positions.

-Lifting the R1200S on the selected points makes it balance almost evenly which enables both wheels to come of the ground.

-The R1200S-Lifter is supplied electroplated, fully assembled, and ready for use.

-For easy moving of the R1200S the Rangier-Adapter-Set or the Rangier-As GP320 can be used.

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