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Weight: 5.5 kg

Motorbike stand for Moto Guzzi 100Sport,  V 10 and V 11 (here are two tool nuts SW18 additionally required) Suzuki TL 100, and more

Easy repairs and maintenance, protects tyres, saves you money

Ideal for Winter Storage


-Easy and secure lifting at solid accessablepick up points like engine mounting bolts

-Adapters are normal sockets with 1/2inch drive (f.e. Guzzi V11 size 18mm)

-Through tighten the wing bolt the Central-Lifter becomes like a g-clamp connected firmly with the motorcycle

-Lift up as you would with a center stand 

-Four nylon wheels for easy lifting of the machine and reduction of point pressure to the floor. The wheels have a combined load of 600 kg

-Through 1/2 pivot ends at the Central-Lifter (for the 1/2 inch drive sockets)  for different motorcycles been suitable for example, Moto Guzzi 100 Sport, V10, V11 and Centauro,  
Suzuki SV 650,TL1000,Honda VTR1000,   
CBR 900-old, Triumph Speed Triple a. others

-Stylish, robust, electroplated, and fully assembled

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