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Cruiser-Lifter FL

Cruiser-Lifter FL


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Weight: 5.5 kg

Cruiser-Lifter FL

Practical motorcycle jack for motorcycles with frame supports such as Harley Davidson Softail ✔

Makes care and maintenance much easier - protects the tires - saves money

Also ideal for overwintering as the tires, suspension and chassis are relieved ✔


-simple and safe lifting on the frame supports

-Support area 80 x 310 mm and felt coated for protection

-Adjustable lifting height, 200 and 230 mm

-either the front wheel or rear wheel to be raised

-Lightweight due to 4 polyamide rollers jacking up the machine

-with jacking lever, 500mm long and detachable

-the lifter is placed under the frame- girders and the motorcycle by pressing down jacking lever raised

-elegant, robust and galvanized

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