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Honda NC-Lifter for Honda NC700, NC750S, NC750X

Honda NC-Lifter for Honda NC700, NC750S, NC750X


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Weight: 5.5 kg

Practical motorcycle jack for Honda NC700, NC750S, NC750x

Makes care and maintenance much easier - protects the tires - saves money

A sensible alternative to the main stand

Ideal for overwintering as tires, suspension and chassis are completely relieved


Make caring for your Honda NC easier with this handy motorcycle stand!

-the lifter is attached with its pins to the two holes on the frame of the NC. The lifter is secured by sliding the two halves apart and tightening the knurled screw. No tools are necessary!

-The 50 cm long jacking lever (removable) and the 4 polyamide rollers allow the Honda to be jacked up easily

-The NC stands very securely on the lifter and can therefore be maintained very well and overwintered optimally

-in addition, the Honda NC lifter is galvanized and already assembled ready for use A must for every NC owner!

For easy maneuvering into the smallest corner, the Honda NC can also do this Marshalling adapter set or the Marshalling-As GP 320 can be used

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