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Kawa VN15-Lifter

Kawa VN15-Lifter


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Weight: 5.5 kg

Motorbike stand for Kawasaki VN 1500 and VN 1500 Classic Tourer
Ideal for:
- Maintenance
- Repairs
- Winter Storage

  • First it is required to drill out the 2 holes on the lower frame of the VN15 from 6,5 mm to 8,00 mm

  • The lifter attaches to the mounting point on the lower frame of the VN15. The fixing points are secured by tightening the  wing bolt.

  • Four Nylon wheels ease the lifting of the machine and reduce point pressure to the floor.

  • The lifting process is done by use of the 500mm long lever. The Lever can be detached after the lifting of the bike.

  • The VN15 is held securely and has an almost even weight distribution between the two wheels. With additional support eg. by use of some timber pieces, both wheels can be suspended simultaneously.

  • The VN15- Lifter is supplied electroplated and full assembled.


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