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Castor Lock&Brake, PU W., 75mm blue

Castor Lock&Brake, PU W., 75mm blue


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Weight: 0.8 kg

High quality swivel castor with brake and single wheel

-Rubberized wheels and equipped with ball bearings

-Wheel diameter 100 mm

-with total brake (wheel + turntable is blocked)

-fits e.g. on the Ultra-Mover

-Loadable up to 150 kg

-Screwing through back hole (central screw M12)


You can use this universal swivel castor for many purposes. Whether tool cabinet, chest of drawers or furniture roller. All you need is a fixed mount and a 12mm hole for screwing.

The advantages:

- better rolling properties -Lower rolling resistance, especially when moving from the rest position - less sensitive to rough surfaces and light soiling - Better function of the brakes on smooth surfaces such as laminate or tiles

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