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Motorbike-Lifter Sport Standard

Motorbike-Lifter Sport Standard


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Weight: 11.0 kg

Exceptional Motorcycle lifter and stand for most road sports motorcycles
complete lifting (front and rear) with only one bike stand
secure stand
- can be operated by one person
ideal for winter storage as it takes the weight of the tyres
   springs, bearings and so on
- suited for use on on bench hoists

For motorcycles with a weight up to 270 kg


- Motorbike lifter for easy and secure lifting   
  for most street sport motorcycle and many  
  other motorbikes

- no special adapters necessary, (only ratchet sockets)

- ideal for maintenance, repair and winter storage

- made of robust steel tube (diameter 48mm), zinc plated

- low pack dimensionses because the lever arm is detachable

- width: approx 68 cm 

- spindle height from the ground up: 47cm, adjustment width range: 42 to 20 cm

How, it works:
The Mo-Li Sport has at the ends of the U-Frame   
2 adjustable threaded rods/bolts    
at each end a 1/2 inch (12,7mm) diameter shaft.
The U-Frame is placed under the motorcycle and   
with the clamping bolts with the
swing arm axle (or frame bolts) connected.
The ends either connect directly into the bore of    
the swing arm axle or a socket needs to    
be used as an adapter.
The bike connects firmly connected with the lifter by spinning/tightening of the clamping bolts    
and nuts.
Jacking up takes place by pushing down of the lever arm.
Because the Lifter is generally positioned near the middle of the weight distribution, like it is the case with many motorcycles, 
it is usually easy to lift up at the front area too by pulling down the rear of the bike with a tie down strap.

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