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Rangier-As GP 320 (with bush bearing wheels)

Rangier-As GP 320 (with bush bearing wheels)


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Weight: 11.9 kg

Use this high-quality maneuvering aid to move your motorcycle into the smallest corner or across the garag

Creates space and thereby saves money

For main stand bikes with a weight of up to 320 kg

Easy to move thanks to 4 quality castors with polyamide wheels d = 50mm and plain bearings

Easy to use - and already completely assembled for you

Also available as Rangier-As GP320 Comfort with rubberized ball bearing wheels

There are more options under accessories

-For all machines with centre stand maximum width 45 cm (!)

- Suited also for BMW (old and new models)

- Very robust - load capacity up to 320 kg

- Ground clearance (7mm approx)

- 4 quality castors with lock and break

- With non-slip felt mat

- Easy raising as the height is only 15mm (approx.)

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