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Rangier-As GP320 Front-Set (with pain bearing wheels)

Rangier-As GP320 Front-Set (with pain bearing wheels)


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Weight: 26.0 kg

Use this to move your heavy machine exactly where it should go: close to the wall or across the garage

Particularly suitable for front-heavy motorcycles

Creates space and saves money
The Rangier-As GP320 front set consists of the Rangier-As GP 320 + Frontarm for GP320
This means that the front wheel and the entire motorcycle can also be moved across
All 6 wheels are equipped with pain bearing wheels

Now also suitable for BMW R1200GS, BMW R1250GS!


-For machines with a main stand up to 320 kg
-Front plate and base plate made of 8 mm steel, galvanized
-6 x 50 mm wheels (front arm)
- footprint 45 cm x 23 cm,
-very robust, galvanized and Rollers already installed
- ground clearance (approx. 8mm)
-All wheels with double castors and brakes
-with glued-on anti-slip pad for the main stand
- easy jacking - height only approx. 15 mm
-Measurably adjustable between base plate and front arm

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