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Rangier-As Total Comfort (with ballbearing wheels and move on stop)

Rangier-As Total Comfort (with ballbearing wheels and move on stop)


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Weight: 26.0 kg

Rangier-As Total: The Motorbike-Mover to move Motorcycles on the side stand
like Chopper, Cruiser, Supersports
Comfort means: Rangier-As Total with ballbearing wheels an 1 x move on stop
The most customers are order the Rangier-As Total with this options!


- Motorcycles can be moved completely on the side stand about there own axis

- To position motorcycles into difficult spaces such as at the front of the garage, closely to the wall or to turn in the garage

- Ideal also for space-saving and winter storage

- Individually adjustable for different motorcycles and various side stand lengths, up to 68 cm, adjustable

- The motorcycle must be moved only approximately 50cm to stop position

- Height of wheel carry face only approximately 2 cm

- Easily moves through 6 quality swivel castors with double wheels (diameter 50mm)

- Secure parking through 5 total lock and break casto out of the 6 swivel castors

- Made out of robust steel, zinc plated, capacity of 450 kg, maximum tyre width 250mm

- The platform sets can be fitted side by side to form a Motorbike-Mover for the centre stand
   (in this case the load capacity changes to 320 kg)


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