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Rangier-As XL Front-Set Comfort

Rangier-As XL Front-Set Comfort


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Weight: 33.0 kg

Rangier-As GoldWing Comfort
Motorbike-Mover specially for Honda GoldWing
Consists of the following parts: Rangier-As XL GP400 + Rangier-As Frontarm + Move on stop.
All castors are made for more comfort with polyurethan ball bearing wheels

Now also suitable for BMW R1200GS, BMW R1250GS!


- For all bikes with centre stand  
- made of steel
- maximum width 45 cm (!)
- very robust 
- maximum load capacity 400 kg, suited for Honda Gold Wing GL 1500, GL 1800
- ground clearance (10-15 mm approx),   The clearance cen be altered by changeing spaces
- 4 x 75mm castors (groudplate) and 2 x 50mm (frontarm) with total lock and break
- with non-slip felt mat
- easy parking as the height is only 25mm (approx)

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