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Manovering-Set for Motorbike Lifter Sport

Manovering-Set for Motorbike Lifter Sport


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Weight: 9.5 kg

Maneuvering set for Motorbike-Lifter Sport Standard and Motorbike-Lifter Sport with height adjustment, incl. 1 ratchet strap

The jacked-up motorbike can be moved completely with the maneuvering set together with the Motorbike-Lifter Sport.
This is especially interesting during winter strage and repairs and little space in the workshop

-The shunting set includes:
- 1x roller frame with 4 wheels incl. brake
- 1x roller mount with 2 wheels nicl. brake
- 4x U-clamps with self-locking nuts
- 1x diagonal brace

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