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Triumph Rocket 3-Lifter d 8mm

Triumph Rocket 3-Lifter d 8mm


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Weight: 5.5 kg

Practical Motorbike stand for Triumph Rocket 3, Classic Touring and Roadster until 2018
(does not fit Rocket 3 from 2019!)

for Rocket 3 with hole size on the lower frame 8 mm

Easy repairs and maintenance

Protects tyres

Saves you money

Ideal for Winter Storage

Make the maintenance of your Rocket 3 easier with this practical motorcycle jack!

-The lifter attaches to the mounting point on the lower frame of the Rocket 3. The fixing points are secured by tightening the  wing bolt. There are no tools required.

-Four Nylon wheels ease the lifting of the machine and reduce point pressure to the floor.

-The lifting process is done by use of the 500mm long lever, whitch can be attached or detatched on ether side.

-The Rocket 3 is held securely and has an almost even weight distribution between the two wheels. With additional support eg. by use of some timber pieces, both wheels can be suspended simultaneously.

-The good piece is supplied electroplated and full assembled for you.

A must for every Rocket 3 owner!

For easy maneuvering of the Rocket 3, the Rangier-Adapter-Set or the Rangier-As GP 320 can be used



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