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Ultra-Mover manovering aid for Ultra-Light-Planes

Ultra-Mover manovering aid for Ultra-Light-Planes


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Weight: 11.5 kg

Ultra-Mover manovering aid for Ultra-Light-Planes / Microlight planes

Use this high-quality maneuvering aid to move your UL into the smallest corner or across the hangar  ✔

Creates space and thereby saves money ✔

For UL's with a weight of up to 240 kg per wheel 

Easy to move thanks to 3 quality castors with polyamide wheels d = 100mm with blue rubber tires and ball bearings 

Simple handling - and easy to assemble


Allows very easy movement of UL's down to the smallest corner

O Easy handling thanks to the ingenious lifting system ✔

O Real one-person operation

O Protects against damage and expensive repairs thanks to safe maneuvering ✔

O Also for bikes with wheel covers

O For tires up to 145mm wide ✔

O 3 x quality wheels d 100mm, with polyamide wheels, ball bearings and blue rubber tires

O 1 x wheel with brake (brake) ✔

O galvanized and can be completely dismantled

O weight: approx. 11.5 kg, loadable up to 240 kg ✔

This is how it works:
The Ultra-Mover is placed in front of the wheel in such a way that the front surface of the Ultra-Mover rests flat on the floor.
Then we rolled the wheel onto the surface and lifted the wheel by pressing down on the handle. Then the Ultra-Mover is rolled further under the wheel and the wheel lock is used.

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